Classic Plumbing Systems Inc. will not be liable for any unknown, unforeseen, or pre-existing problems with the existing plumbing systems. Any of these said issues that may arise or are discovered during the course of our work (that are not described as being part of or specifically mentioned in the job scope above) which need to be addressed in order to proceed, will be discussed and agreed upon before any repairs, replacement, or re-configurations of the plumbing system is completed.

Although it is not expected, occasionally when working on a very old galvanized water supply system, the old piping nipples or fittings can break off at the threads when attempting to unthread and disconnect an old fixture and make connections for a new fixture.  If it becomes necessary to cut into a wall to access a pipe that has broken off inside the wall, additional charges above the originally estimated price may be applied.  The customer will be notified of any such situations before any access openings are cut.

When water supply to an older home has been shut down for a period of time, it can cause the water supply lines to release rust and scale debris into the water supply system when the system is re-pressurized.  The potential severity of this is not something that can be expected or anticipated.  If fixtures become internally clogged with debris or will not properly shut off when the water supply system is re-pressurized, Classic Plumbing Systems Inc. will not accept liability for these repairs.  During the water testing, if there are any leaks or other problems with plumbing fixtures discovered, those issues will be brought to the attention of our site contact and will result in additional charges to repair or replace.

When attempting to adapt or connect to an older home’s existing water supply, drain/vent, or gas supply piping system, piping and fittings can occasionally break or become damaged due to their age and condition.  If an existing water supply, drain/vent, or gas line breaks off somewhere, or becomes damaged during the process of adapting between old and new piping, additional charges over the estimated proposal may apply.  The customer will be notified of any such situations if this were to occur.