Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Plumbing Services

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom to boost the value of your home!
Call on the licensed plumbers and construction professionals when your home is ready for a new look. Take advantage of our 2-year warranty,which comes with all of our work!
Get under-floor and in-wall plumbing inspections from Classic Plumbing Systems to ensure that your investment will last a lifetime.  We are qualified to add bathroom venting in order to meet state and local codes. Venting drain lines prevents clogged pipes. We are familiar with the DFU, or drain fixture unit, required by plumbing code for each fixture and drain line.


Choose the experienced kitchen remodelers!

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, we encourage you to visit Connor Co. in Urbana, Illinois at 1900 N. Lincoln Road. Schedule an appointment with Darren at 217-367-7601 before you go. When it comes to faucets and fixtures, we rely on affordable and reliable brand names like Delta.

In many kitchen remodels, the line will need to be increased from a 1.5" line to a 2" line in order to drain properly and meet code. We recommend installing a clean out for your kitchen cabinet. If you are interested in a purified water system or reverse osmosis (R.O.) system, we can add a cold supply valve. If you need a repair, this will allow work to be done on the water system without having to cut off water to the kitchen sink. The R.O. system usually directs water to the refrigerator ice maker, and a dedicated faucet in the kitchen sink.