Prevent Water Damage with Proper Sump Pump Equipment

Prevent flooding with first-rate sump pumps and service

Maximize the efficiency of your system with a durable and dependable sump pump installed by our professional team at Classic Plumbing Systems. We respond quickly to all of your sump pump service needs, including installation, repair, and replacement.
We recommend installing a sump pump alarm to alert you to malfunctions, as well as a backup pump, operated by water pressure, in case you are away from home and the primary electric pump fails.

Get the right pumps for your home

We are committed to finding the best sumps on the market. We install Liberty brand sump pumps with a 3-year warranty, as well as Zoeller and Ion Pro Pumps.
Let our friendly and knowledgeable technicians help you find the right pump for the job. We're happy to provide individual quotes for special sizes or unique sump pump applications. Trust that we'll install your pump professionally and set you up with a properly functioning system.