Qualified Water Heater Install Technicians in Central Illinois

You and your family rely on your water heater every day, for everything from bathing to washing the dishes. Ensure that your water heater is functioning in the most efficient manner possible with the help of Classic Plumbing Systems.

Let us give you a hand with all of your water heater and water softener needs. Feel free to ask us any water-heater-related question. Our family-owned and -operated organization is proud to have the most educated customers in Champaign County. 

Discover complete water heater and softener care
  • Brand name water heaters, including American Water Heater Co., A.O. Smith, and State
  • Installation and sales
  • Repair and replacement

Keep your water heater area clear from lint and debris for maximum efficiency and safety. During ignition, you should see a strong blue flame pulling up inside the burn chamber; otherwise, you might have an airflow problem. Contact our team for assistance!