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How Does Your Home's Air Conditioning System Work?

8/7/2023 HVAC
How Does Your Home's Air Conditioning System Work?

Air conditioning systems are undeniably one of the most important inventions in recent years for providing comfort in hot and humid climates.

The basic principle of an air conditioning system is to reduce the levels of humidity inside a building, while simultaneously cooling the air. Humidity has an immediate effect on how one perceives the temperature of a particular climate. While high temperatures can often be bearable if the humidity is low, the same temperature with high humidity can be unbearable. This is why air conditioning systems are so influential in the way we live our lives.

Most central air conditioners are split systems that are made up of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Outdoor units contain a compressor, condenser, and expansion valve or coil. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas and circulates it through the outdoor unit. The compression causes the gas to become hot and high-pressured. As the gas is conducted through the condenser coils, the heat radiates away from the gas and it is cooled and turned back into a liquid. The control system then sends the liquid to the indoor section of the unit.

Inside the indoor unit is the evaporator coils and fan. The refrigerant liquid within the evaporator coils is allowed to expand and cool down, changing back into a cold gas. This cold gas is then forced through the evaporator coils the fan then circulates the airflow of the room across the coil.  The removal of the heat inside the room causes the ambient temperature to cool. This is how air conditioning systems cool off a room.

In most cooling systems, the airflow is also treated with a dehumidifier in order to reduce ambient humidity levels. This evaporator coil absorbs moisture from the room air, condensing it into water, which is then drained away from the room. In this way, the humidity of the room is decreased, thereby making it more comfortable. Without this dehumidifier, air conditioning systems would only cool the air, leaving the room feeling humid and sticky.

If your home is not cooling properly or it feels wet and humid indoors, give us a call today. At Classic Plumbing & Air we can help you find a solution!