Step 1 - Add a Demo Content Item

On the first testimonial, hover until you see the edit buttons come up and click the "..." (more actions) once. This will switch the set of tools; you will click the circle with the plus instead (add demo).

Step 2 - Edit Your Demo Item

You will then edit the demo item you added. This will be a normal content edit window. To get the data for your testimonial, you need to click mange on the navy form to the left of the list of testimonials. This is where all the testimonials will initially get added.

  • Title = customer name
  • Description = their testimonal

I like to add the date before the testimonial in bold. 

Then Save your work with the blue check in the lower right.

Step 3 - Reorder the Testimonials

To make it so the most recent testimonial is on top, you need to reorder the list. To do that, you need to click the more actions button from Step 1 and then select the "sort/manage list" button. This will bring up a new pop-up window (Manage Item List) will appear, find the one you just added, typically the second one, and drag above the first one.

Note: a warning will pop-up, just click OK.